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    Dear students,

    Do you feel:




    Do you have problems with relationships(with parents, friends etc..)?

    Do you find life very difficult?

    AUT is proud to offer you a well-being support app: TalkCampus free of charge! You pay nothing and you get mental and moral support 24 hours, 7 days a week.

     Use your university email address to sign up and connect with other students worldwide. TalkCampus is a safe place where you can talk anonymously about anything without judgements. Give and get support  in real time, through posting, reading and commenting. AND IT IS FREE Of CHARGE!

     Go to App Store or Google Play and download TalkCampus. USE YOUR AUT EMAIL ADDRESS. You will get a confirmation email and you are ready to use the app.

    Check the attachment for more details and start using the application on your phone or laptop.

     AUT Cares!

    Urgent message

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    Dear Students, 

    Please don’t use the Moodle Mobile app on your PC/Laptop , it will not show your exams.

    Make sure to access the Moodle from browser on your desktop.

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