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    Volunteers for Christmas

    by AUT Moodle -

    Dear AUT students and alumni,

     I would like to propose to you volunteering for the set up of the Christmas tree and the nativity grotto in the old soul of Byblos.

    The Salam Foundation and the Beytna Beytak NGO would welcome AUT students and alumni to help build the Christmas tree and nativity grotto starting the last week of November. A few hours  over 2-3 weeks is all it takes.

     Students and alumni who participate will receive certificates signed by AUT, the Salam Foundation and Beytna Beytak showing community service volunteering. 

     Those interested can email and write their telephone number in the email message or contact Ms Leila Sadaka on campus in her office or by email

     Let the spirit of Christmas encourage you to work together !

    Kind regards

    Marcel Hinain

    Urgent message

    by AUT Moodle -

    Dear Students, 

    Please don’t use the Moodle Mobile app on your PC/Laptop , it will not show your exams.

    Make sure to access the Moodle from browser on your desktop.

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